Auto-Bet Equipment

Lazy to bet eqiupment manually?

Teodor Topp in Nosville has the solution for you!

How to Auto-Bet Equipment?

Put the item you want to bet in the first slot of your inventory.

You need to have only one of those amulets in your inventory:

Level 1-99:




Every bet costs same as a manual bet!

What happens if the item hits R7 or R8?

As you can see above the system stops.

How to downgrade from R8 to R7?

Put the item which you want to downgrade in the to first slot of your inventory!

The downgrade will cost you 5,000,000 Gold!

The shell will stay the same!

Almost same as to Auto-Bet you can also downgrade your item.

Just talk with Teodor Topp in NosVille and click on Downgrade Phenomenal Equipment

New UI for bet !

You can now choose at what rarity your bet will be stopped.

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