Instant Battle "Timespace"

Instant Battle reworked

The Instant Battle is a solo "Timespace" now

The Instant Battle allows you to enter it every 2 hours

You decide when you enter

You can do the Instant Battle with 1 account every 2 hours!


The rewards got adjusted and you got your own personal buffer in the Instant Battle, which can buff you every 10 seconds

Be careful:

If you leave the Instant Battle without finishing it, you will not gain any rewards and the timer begins and you have to wait for 2 hours.

There are currently 2 different levels of Instant Battles

Herolevel 1-29

Herolevel 30-50

Herolevel 51-60

Herolevel 61-80

Complete 3 Instant Battles

Need to be done 3x in one day = 24 hours Reward can be obtained only once a day!

You will have to fight 3 waves with each one boss monster to defeat.

After defeating 3 waves of monsters, the portal will open and you can go through and claim your rewards!

The title "Endless Battle" got some adjustments.

With a little bit of luck, you have the chance to double your instant battle rewards!

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