Partner equipment has unique upgrading mechanic. It requires players to hunt monsters in order to increase rarity and upgrade level.

Each equipment tier requires different amount and level of monsters to hunt:

T1 - Lv. 50 - 1000 monsters with level 50+ for each upgrade T2 - Lv. 60 - 2000 monsters with level 60+ for each upgrade T3 - Lv. 70 - 3000 monsters with level 70+ for each upgrade T4 - Lv. 80 - 4000 monsters with level 80+ for each upgrade T5 - Lv. 90 - 5000 monsters with level 90+ for each upgrade

Upgrading equipment to higher tier will keep your gained experience - rarity and upgrade level will be decreased. For Example: Upgrading tier 1 r8+10 equipment (10000/10000 xp) into tier 2 will result in equipment being downgraded to r5+5 (10000/20000 xp).

In order to speed up leveling equipment you can use Guardian Angel's Blessing which increases experience gain by 100%.

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