Rainbow Battle


RBB (server time)


After approving you will be entered in a queue which takes 30 seconds at max.

RBB is a 3v3 Game!

So there will be 6 players in each: That mean if there are participant who are out of the multiples of 6 will not be able to join.

RBB last for 10 Minutes and it will start after 5 seconds after you spawn.

There is no level requirement for RBB. Each Team will starts at their own spawn point.

There are two colors Blue and Red to represent your team.

Your nosmates will not participate in battle and provide their passive buffs like Arena of Talents. The Team who get the highest points are the winners!

The map has different places to gain the points to win:

Large Rainbow crystal

Use like a lever and capture it for your team, and you will get 3 points for your team.

Small Rainbow crystals

There are two of them on the map,use like a lever and capture it for your team, and you will get 2 points for your team.

Rainbow Mandras

There are two of them on the map,you will get 10 points for your team once you killed it.

Defeat the enemies

Kill the enemies and you will get 2 points for your team, who you have killed will be frozen for 20 seconds and teleport back to their starting spawn point!

If you control the crystal at even minute intervals you gain points too, ETC capture the crystal and wait the total points of your team will go up!

There are no cooldown time for all the crystals, you can capture it for your team once it belongs to the enemy team!


No matter if you are the winners or losers, everyone will be rewarded with:

"1x Rainbow Random Box" for joining!

Winner Rewards

-> 3x Rainbow Coins

-> 70x Angel's Feather

-> 100,000 Gold for your familybank

-> 2,000,000 Gold

Loosers Rewards

-> 1x Rainbow Coin

-> 30x Angel's Feather

-> 25,000 Gold for Familybank

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