Testing Ground

Testing Ground

From now the poor Danders in NosVille won't have to suffer anymore! In the Testing Ground you can test your DMG Solo or with your Group members on all raid bosses from ACT6 and ACT7.

Where can you find the testing ground

Testing Ground is located at NPC Titus Trip in NosVille. You have to talk to him, then click on the field Testing Grounds and accept the request.

Entering Testing grounds is free!

List of monsters in Testing Ground

  • Erenia

  • Zenas

  • Incomplete Fernon

  • Twisted Spirit King Kirollas

  • Twisted Beasat King Carno

  • Deamon God Belial

  • Evil Overlord Paimon

  • Neutral Training Stake

  • Dragon Lord Asgobas

  • Ice Dragon Alzanor

  • Zombie Dragon Valehir

Testing Grounds Buff Peng

At Testing Grounds Buff Peng you can choose from the following options


List of Buffs you get from Testing Grounds Buff Peng

Bear Spirit


Blessing of Water

Dark Force

Elemental Sharing

Fire Blessing

Holy Weapon

Moral Increase

Prayer of Offence

Wolf Spirit

List of optional Buffs

Sound Flower's Blessing

Sound Flower's Fever

Tattoo Buffs

You can choose two different tattoos from all categories, from level +1 to +9 All Info's about Tattoos you can See here

Click here to see our Tattoo guide

Bear Loa

Lion Loa

Eagle Loa

Snake Loa

Tattoo upgrades from +1 to +9


There are a few more options you can choose

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