Custom UI

On the left side of your minimap you will find NosByte's Custom UI

Which Features has the Custom UI?

Server Information

This "window" is moveable so you can place it whereever you want
It shows the server time and in which channel you are

Home Manager

Here you can add up to 10 homes and simply teleport there within 1 click!
Go to the position where you want to teleport
Open the Home Manager and click on Add home
Simply click Go and you will be teleported there

Exploit Manager

As you can see on the image this is a simple solution to give you informations about your character

Raid Damage Window

You want to see if anyone is AFK in raids or to see how much damage you and the other hits?
Just open the Raid Manager in raids and you will have the best solution for that

Wing Skin Swapper

This Feature only changes your wings not the effect!
Use "Wing Swap Medal" (1 Day, 7 Days, 30 Days or Permanent) to access this feature.

Where to get those Wing Swap Medals

1 Day Wing Swap Medals -> Mimic's Mystery Box
7 Days, 30 Days and Permanet Wing Swap Medals -> NosByte Shop
Transform into your SP, open the Wing Skin Swapper and choose which Wings you want
As higher the SP Upgrade as bigger the wings