Here you will find a summary of questions that are asked frequently.

1. Where do I download the game/patch the game?


1.1 How can i update my game?

Once you open the launcher, it will tell you if it needs an update or not.

Simply click the "Update" button on the right, and its going without any issues.

1.2: If you have troubles updating your game, due to being located in south/north america or asia, you can use a VPN to patch your game.

1.3 Make sure to confirm your registration email, otherwise you won't be able to log in.

1.3.1 If you did not get one, feel free to contact our staff members on the support discord, and we will help you out as soon as possible.


2. Will I get some help as beginner?

Every fresh player will start in our tutorial, which explains basic gameplay, where to find stuff and will set you once you have completed it to level 15, with job 20.

You can change to your class now.

You will also get a starter pack for beginners which includes a pet, a mount and some gold to start your journey!

3. Where can I get help if my questions can't be answered in this FAQ or via the discord chat?

Contact us via ticket on the support server if you have issues like those:

You want to report a bug/rulebreak or you did loose your quests/pets for example due to an ingame issue.

You can either contact our game supporters you can find on the discord, or directly join here:


4. When does LOD open?

Land of Death

5. Is there a guide for me as beginner?

Yes! feel free to check it out:


You will find almost all type of guides and informations about NosByte

6. Where can I get scrolls and materials to upgrade my sps and gear?

You will be able to find NPC's. If you walk to the left side from mimi.

Those can be exchanged for materials and raid templates, which can be acquired by doing daily raid quests.

Talk to the Protection Shop NPC for more details!

7. Where can I get divine fairys?

You can obtain divine fairys from opening raidboxes from act 4, fafnir or the shop for example.


8. I want to try out Martial Artist, where can I get the SPs?

Martial Artist SP Quests

9. What kind of Server is Nosbyte?

You can find all sorts of gameplay here.

From getting your character to champion level 70, to raiding act 1-7 including caligor.

10. Is the server being developed actively?


We did very recently update our client which allows us to bring new/updated content very regularly.

11. Is there a place where I can give feedback and ideas towards the server?

We do take feedback and ideas for new features and updates on current features on our discord.

Nosbyte Discord

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