Dragon Rush

Dragon Rush is an extremely dangerous place. You can enter it by using the portal in the bottom right corner of Dragonveil. On the Airship, you will find the Ghost of the First Conqueror and his Companion, who will guide you to challenge the Dragon Rush!

What is Dragon Rush?

Dragon Rush is a very difficult challenge, so make sure to come prepared! For example.. Bring some good resistance! (this is really important) You will fight through 10 stages, each stage has it's own unique debuff and boss. For completing this challenge you will be rewarded with very generous rewards and experience points.

You can enter it solo or in a group.

You can enter Dragon Rush 3 times a day (per IP)

Exchange Dragon Rush Coins

You are able to exchange Coins and Medals for a lot of different items.

All of the mats are obtainable from the Dragon Rush itself.

Don't forget the daily quest at the Ghost of the First Conqueror!

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