Mini Pets

What are Mini Pets?

Mini Pets are a new feature for NosByte players which will give you all kinds of different buffs, as well as a cute little companion that will fly above your head.. (alongside your Fairy)

They reside in this little slot in your equipment, where many of you have questioned it's purpose in the past.. now you know!

Where can I get those?

Mini Pets will be available in Random Boxes for any upcoming rotation. For example: PvE Mini Pet Random Box (Gold) can include:

  • Mini Pet 'Black Dragon' (Gold)

  • Mini Pet 'Gryphon' (Gold)

  • Mini Pet 'Phoenix' (Gold)

  • Mini Pet 'Blue Phoenix' (Gold)

  • .. alongside other different items!

For each rotation, only one type of buff for each PvP & PvE will be apparent!

What effects can I get?

Every Mini Pet has 10 different types of buff to it, therefor each Pet is available in 10 variants.


  • Gold: Increases Gold earned by 5/7/10%. (sellings wares to npc, etc..)

  • Instant Battle: There is a 5/7/10% chance that after a successful instant battle, the box is doubled.

  • Instant Combat: There is a 3/4/5% chance that after a successful round, the reward is doubled

  • Caligor PvE: There is a 5/7/10% that caligor PvE rewards are doubled.

  • Tower: There is a 5/7/10% chance that after a successful floor in Celestial Spire or Dragon Rush, the rewards gets doubled.


  • Rainbow: There is a 5/7/10% chance that after a rainbow battle, the reward is doubled.

  • AoT: There is a 5/7/10% chance that after a successful round, the reward is doubled.

  • Caligor PvP: There is a 5/7/10% that caligor PvP rewards are doubled.

  • Damage: Increases PvP attack power by 5/7/10%

  • Defense: Defense power in PvP is increased by 5/7/10%

Disclamer: All Mini Pets share the same buffs, so none of the 4 is "the best".

This way, everyone can freely choose which one they might favor, in regards of looks!

Perfected & Ultimate Mini Pets?

You might have already guessed it, but the 'Perfected' Mini Pet is a combination of all 5 different types of the same Mini Pet and inherits all buffs mentioned above while slightly increasing each of them a bit.

While combining a 'Perfected' PvP Mini Pet and a 'Perfected' PvE Mini Pet of the same type, you can create the pinacle of Mini Pets.. An Ultimate Mini Pet.

Upon combining, you receive an egg, that you can hatch! In this egg you'll find the Perfected Mini Pet you've been working hard to obtain.

Fusion Guide

But here comes the twist! 'Ultimate' Mini Pets have a pretty strong bond to their owner, so they have the tendency to stay with you until forever.

While all Mini Pet's and even 'Perfected' Mini Pets are tradable even after wearing them, the 'Ultimate' Mini Pet will be bound to the player.

What if I'm getting bored of one Pet?

In that case, just visit Tamer Skyla on Cylloan

Here you can trade in an 'Ultimate' Mini Pet Egg into any of the other 3 Styles and Tamer Skyla will take care of your old companion for you!

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