Rainbow Battle Ranked System

In this documentation, we will provide an overview of the Rainbow Battle Ranked System (RBB) along with its key components, ranking levels, rewards, and Elo distribution.


The Rainbow Battle Ranked System (RBB) is a competitive ranking system designed to assess and reward player performance in the popular Rainbow Battle game. It offers a structured framework for players to compete against each other and achieve various ranks based on their in-game performance.


There are three exploit statistics that the RBB system tracks to determine a player's ranking:

  1. TotalRankedRBBs: This represents the total number of ranked Rainbow Battle matches a player has participated in.

  2. TotalRankedRBBWins: This indicates the total number of ranked Rainbow Battle matches won by the player.

  3. TotalRankedRBBLoses: This reflects the total number of ranked Rainbow Battle matches lost by the player.

Ranking Levels

The RBB system features several ranking levels, each with its own sub-divisions. Here are the main ranking levels:

  • Bronze: Divided into Bronze 1, Bronze 2 and Bronze 3.

  • Silver: Divided into Silver 1, Silver 2 and Silver 3.

  • Gold: Divided into Gold 1, Gold 2 and Gold 3.

  • Platinum: Divided into Platinum 1, Platinum 2 and Platinum 3.

  • Diamond: Divided into Diamond 1, Diamond 2 and Diamond 3.

  • Master: The top level before Grandmaster.

Promotion to Grandmaster

In the Rainbow Battle Ranked System, the top 5 players in the Master Elo automatically receive the prestigious Grandmaster rank. This promotion is a testament to their exceptional skills and performance in Rainbow Battle.


Rainbow Coin Shards

Players earn Rainbow Coin Shards as rewards for participating in ranked matches. 5 Rainbow Coin Shards can be exchanged for 1 Rainbow Coin.

Season Rewards

At the end of each Battle Pass season, players can earn rewards based on their performance. They need to meet both of the following criteria:

  1. 150 Participations: Players who have participated in 150 ranked matches during the season are eligible for rewards.

  2. 75 Wins: Players who have achieved 75 wins in ranked matches during the season are also eligible for rewards.

Season rewards typically include exclusive cosmetics, currency, or other in-game items.

Special Grandmaster Reward

Grandmaster Player earn a Speical Wing-Skin

Elo Distribution

The Elo system is used to calculate and distribute points based on match outcomes and individual performance. Here are the key rules for Elo distribution in the RBB system:

  • Win: Players gain 15 Elo points for each victory.

  • Loss: Players lose 15 Elo points for each defeat.

  • Kill: Players earn 1 Elo point for each kill, with a maximum cap of 5 additional Elo points per match.

  • Death: Players lose 1 Elo point for each death, with a maximum cap of 5 points per match.

  • Rank Up: Every 51 Elo points accumulated result in a rank promotion.

These Elo points are crucial in determining a player's progress through the ranking levels in the Rainbow Battle Ranked System.

This concludes our documentation on the Rainbow Battle Ranked System. We hope this information helps you better understand the ranking system, statistics, rewards and Elo distribution in Rainbow Battle. Congratulations to the top 5 players in Master Elo for their automatic promotion to Grandmaster! Good luck on your journey to becoming a Grandmaster!

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