Specialist Card Augments

What are Specialist Card Augments?

Specialist Card Augments are a new feature for NosByte players which will enhance the strength of your SPs in PvE or in PvP.

First-of-all, these enhancements will change the look of your Specialist card, so that they are easily distinguishable, from other cards in your inventory. Most importantly, however, they strengthen the specialist cards in a way that makes them useful in situations for which they were not originally intended or simply had poor performance.

How can I get those?

To put an Augment on your Specialist Card, you will need to craft one of the 8 Dragon Gem's, but you're going to need some special items from the tower, as well as some Core Dust.

Core Dust & Eternal Dragonfire

Core Dust?? Yes! You can now grind cores into fine dust to release their power and use them to craft mighty Dragon Gems to enhance your Specialist Cards.

But be aware, mighty Cores or even fragments of them cannot be pulverized that easily. In order to grind Cores and Core Fragments, you will need an Eternal Dragonfire, which can be extracted from Dragon Scale Essences.

After crafting an Eternal Dragonfire, you melt and crush Cores or Core Fragments into Dust. To proceed, use the dialogue of the Legendary Blacksmith and decide what kind of Core or Fragment you want to melt, depending on what type of Gem you want to craft with it.

Each option cost's you an Eternal Dragonfire, even if it's a full core. Each Core Fragment will give you 1x of the respective Dust, each full Core will result in x3 of the respective Dust.

Crafting Dragon Gems

When you're being done with grinding for this fine Dust, you can finally start by crafting the mighty Dragon Gems.

To craft any PvE Gem, you will need the following items:

You can collect Dragon Energy in Dragon Rush!

How do I apply them to my Specialist Card?

The Specialist Card has to be +20!

Double-click the Dragon Gem you want to use in your Main Inventory and simply drag & click it onto any Specialist Card where you'd like the effect to be applied, over in your Equipment Inventory.

Dragon Gems are one-time-use items and permanently transform the Specialist Card you apply them to. You can use any Gem on an already Augmented Specialist Card to change the effect and even switch the type from PvE to PvP and vice versa. However, you won't get a previously applied Dragon Gem back, so use these Dragon Gems wisely!

What effects can I get?

Each Buff is applicable on every SP, regardless of their element!



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